Personal training
PT powered by ASF stands for: personal attention, precision, commitment and achieving results! Anything less isn't good enough for me but neither for you, right?

Personal training ensures that you can work targeted towards your goal(s). As a personal trainer I am responsible for the correct composition of the training and the execution of the exercises. Tailored to you. I'm your coach, mental supporter, advisor who wants to make you successful. On the way to what you want to achieve. Besides the workout, I'll will regularly advise you in the areas of motivation, nutrition and how to incorporate 'movement' into your lifestyle. So you can create the lifestyle that suits you best!

And if you need more attention to areas like mental coaching and nutrition? No problem! Indeed, Allround Sports Fitness advises her clients to work as much as possible from the Lifestyle-Triangle: personal training, nutrition and mental coaching. This way you will achieve lasting results.

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