Personal Trainer Angelina Hammond

Angelina Hammond: Sports? A life long and loving it!

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Sport is what I was brought up with. From the moment I could walk, I was encouraged to move and exercise.
That passion has never left me! And that passion I've always wanted to transfer to others.
Without knowing it, I was already working as a personal trainer to stimulate acquaintances, friends and fellow athletes to bring out the best in themselves.

Altogether, I have over 10 years experience working as a personal trainer, but since 2013 I have formally established my self as a personal trainer.
In the past decennium I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge, but that process never ends.
I keep on learning and keep myself sharp so I can get the best out of myself as well as my clients.

Workouts are given in the areas of: fitness, aerobics, weight/strength training (sport specific and body sculpting), endurance training, Bosu, boot camp, kettlebell, body pump, pilates and plyometrics. I also try to incorporate elements from various other sports such as athletics, football, boxing and martial arts.

I give 100% attention to the client,  bringing out the best in him/her and making them (with caution) broaden their horizon,
am target and result oriented and shall also provide tips and tricks about nutrition and motivation. I am also available online to answer questions of clients at no additional cost.

Personal training, is an investment to create/maintain a good lifestyle and this I aim to transfer to my clients.
My workouts are varied after which the client feels really good and strong (mentally and physically).

My specialties: fitness, bootcamp, Tabata, Insanity, pilates, body pump ... and yes, I just keep learning and learning.


  • Fitness, strength, flexibility
  • Sport Specific: sprint training, explosiveness training, boxing.
  • Boot Camp

Qualifications: A Fitness Trainer, Personal Training, Bosu, Kettlebell, Fundamental Fitness and Sports Specific Training.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

- Billy Ocean

Work area: Amsterdam and surrounding areas

Online Assistance Available    Result Orientated workouts  –  Indoor & outdoor workouts